Michal Knapp with official PZM nomination for Texom European Individual Ice Speedway Championship

We can officially announce that the Polish Motorcycle Association has entered Michal Knapp in the Texom European Individual Ice Speedway Championship scheduled for Sanok. For the Pole it will be the fifth consecutive start in the championship of the Old Continent. Recall that the competition will take place on February 24 and 25 – both at 2 p.m. Tickets are available for sale online.

Behind the only representative of Poland in this variety of speedway is a rather difficult period, related to the equipment problems Knapp faced last season. Before the start of 2024, however, this was remedied. The Polish Motor Association, the rider’s sponsors and the promoter of ice speedway in Poland – Speedwayevents.pl – came to the rescue. Thanks to the financial support, Michal Knapp can prepare for his upcoming performances on the ice tracks with peace of mind.

– Everything is gaining momentum and going well. Now we finally have good equipment. We were able to train a lot and test the settings of the motorcycle, because for two weeks in a row the weather was very good, so there was an opportunity to do so. There were some small complications during training, but the situation was controlled in time. The Polish Motor Association, my sponsors and Speedwayevents.pl all contributed to the fact that we obtained the equipment we wanted. During the training sessions it was easy to see that it was money well invested – sums up Michal Knapp.

It was in the motorcycle problems that the rider looked for the reasons for his poor performance at last year’s European Individual Ice Speedway Championship. The Pole wanted to show his best in Sanok, but faulty equipment contributed to falls and, consequently, injuries.

– The previous competition in Sanok showed the scale of our equipment shortcomings. There was no way to race effectively on such a motorcycle, and it makes no sense to go out just to go out and get a fall on every lap. I have my years, and there is only one health. The current motorcycle suits me very well, the frame and its height are ideal. These are aspects that no one may take strongly into account, but for a tall rider like me, it matters to fit the equipment to my height and dimensions. From this place I would like to thank you very much for the support you have shown. If it wasn’t for the help of the Polish Motor Association, Speedwayevents.pl and a few sponsors, there wouldn’t be this equipment in my garage, and in such a situation I wouldn’t start in any competitions,” Knapp stresses.

The start in Sanok will not be the only one for the Pole this year. Knapp will fight on January 27 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, for promotion to the Individual World Championships. – I don’t want to promise anyone anything, anything can happen there. The names in the stakes are strong and there is someone to race against. My goals are simply to put up a fight and want to compete effectively with other riders, not watch their backs. The equipment should help me do that. However, let’s remember that only the top eight riders advance to the World Championships. If I managed to get into the top ten I would be happy, and the top eight – that would already be my private world championship,” Knapp mused.

After the performance in Sweden, there will be an opportunity to see Michal in action in our country (he is also scheduled to compete in the Netherlands in March). On the last weekend of February he will come to Sanok to fight in the Individual European Championships. At the “Blonie” track he can always count on the support of Polish fans. – There is nothing more wonderful than the ovation from fans who come to the competition from different parts of Poland. When you pick yourself up after falls sore and hear the applause, it is very motivating and helps you quickly forget about the pain. In Sanok, support from fans has always been at the highest level. In soccer, it is said that the fans are the twelfth player. In our sport, they are the good spirit of the stadium, and for that they deserve a lot of respect,” Knapp concludes.

The Texom European Individual Ice Speedway Championship is just over a month away. During this competition Michal Knapp will start with the number “6” on his plastron and will be the only representative of our country.


Ticket sales for the event in Sanok are already underway. Ticket packages have been prepared for two days of ice speedway on the “Blonie” track, and you can also purchase tickets separately for each day. Prices are the same as last year. Sales are conducted online – at bilety.speedwayevents.pl and at ebilet.pl.

Price list

Two-day packages

VIP (included in the price: parking place, high-class catering, gift set, place with the best visibility on the grandstand, competition program)

599 PLN – normal

349 PLN – concessionary – persons under 18 years of age


99 PLN – normal

79 PLN – concessionary (children and youth from 7 to 18 years old; pensioners)

Crown of the Stadium:

79 PLN  – normal

59 PLN – concessionary (children and youth from 7 to 18 years of age; pensioners and retirees)

Tickets for one day (Saturday or Sunday)

VIP (included in the price: parking place, high-class catering, gift set, place with the best visibility on the grandstand, competition program)

349 PLN – normal

199 PLN – concessionary – persons under 18 years of age


59 PLN  – normal

49 PLN – concessionary (children and teenagers from 7 to 18 years old; pensioners)

Crown of the Stadium:

49 PLN – normal

39 PLN – concessionary (children and youth from 7 to 18 years of age; retirees and pensioners)

Tickets for people with disabilities: The organizers have prepared a pool of free tickets for fans with disabilities. Eager persons are asked to apply – by February 15 – at the following email address: events@speedwayevents.pl, writing “Ice Speedway ticket” in the subject line of the message. The condition for receiving a free ticket will be to send a copy of a document proving a severe disability. Free admission is due to both the person with a disability and his/her guardian. The number of seats is limited!

Children under 6 – free admission with an adult guardian.