Franz Zorn European Champion. Luca Bauer fastest in Final 2

Sanok once again turned out to be a happy city for Franz Zorn. The Austrian won his second title of the Individual European Champion in Ice Speedway on the track “Błonie”. For two days of competition, he only once recognized the superiority of any of the rivals. It happened in the final race on the second day of competition, when he was overtaken by Luca Bauer – the winner of Sunday’s competition. The representative of Italy won the silver medal, the bronze for the Swede Jimmy Olsen.


The second day of ice racing specialists’ competition was led by Zorn, who confidently won his races. After the regular session, where he won all the races, it was clear that the gold medal would go to his hands. Bauer kept up with him, confidently heading for his second straight silver. The battle for bronze continued. Harald Simon, Lukas Hutla and Jimmy Olsen had chances for third place almost until the end.

First, last year’s champion from Austria dropped out of the competition. Simon capsized in race 20, thus missing out on a podium finish. In turn, Hutla overtook Olsen in the play-off race, keeping his chances for a medal. Together with him, Benedikt Monn made it to the final extremely fast on the second day of the competition.

The fight in the final took place in as many as three scenes. Monn fell first, Hutla slipped in the second attempt, thus losing his chance for a medal. In the third attempt, already in a snowy scenery, Bauer finally won with Zorn, sealing a well-deserved silver medal. But the experienced Austrian was happy with the gold. Olsen, in turn, struggled with pain after a dangerous fall, which made him perform a little worse in the second part of Sunday’s competition than at the beginning. But he fully earned the bronze medal.

Michał Knapp was unlucky. Unfortunately, the Pole had falls, and the latter turned out to be dangerous. Knapp was rushed to the hospital. He has a suspected pelvic fracture.


Results of the 2nd European Individual Ice Speedway Championship Final

1. Luca Bauer (Niemcy, lic. włoska) – 17 (3,2,3,3,3,3) – 1. miejsce w finale
2. Franz Zorn (Austria) – 17 (3,3,3,3,3,2) – 2. miejsce w finale
3. Lukas Hutla (Czechy) – 11 (2,2,2,3,2,w) – wykluczenie w finale
4. Benedikt Monn (Niemcy) – 8 (2,0,w,3,3,w) – wykluczenie w finale
5. Jimmy Olsen (Szwecja) – 11+1 (3,3,3,w,2) – 3. miejsce w barażu
6. Max Koivula (Finlandia) – 10+u (3,1,3,2,1) – upadek w barażu
7. Harald Simon (Austria) – 8 (2,3,2,1,w)
8. Jan Klatovsky (Czechy) – 8 (1,w,2,2,3)
9. Sebastian Reitsma (Holandia) – 8 (1,3,1,1,2)
10. Tomi Norola (Finlandia) – 6 (0,1,2,2,1)
11. Marc Geyer (Niemcy) – 6 (0,2,1,2,1)
12. Jo Saetre (Norwegia) – 5 (1,2,1,1,0)
13. Jimmy Hornell (Szwecja) – 3 (2,1,w,w,w)
14. Andrej Divis (Czechy) – (2) (2)
15. Niek Schaap (Holandia) – 2 (1,0,1,0,0)
16. Markus Jell (Niemcy) 1 (1)
17. Michał Knapp (Polska) – 0 (0,w,0,w,-)
18. Dennis Andersson (Szwecja) – 0 (w,w,0,0,-)

General classification

1. Franz Zorn (Austria) – 35 pkt (18+17)

2. Luca Bauer (Włochy) – 32 pkt (15+17)

3. Jimmy Olsen (Szwecja) 23 pkt (12+11)

4. Lukas Hutla (Czechy) 21 pkt (10+11)

5. Harald Simon (Austria) 20 pkt (12+8)

6. Max Koivula (Finlandia) 18 pkt (8+10)

7. Jan Klatovsky (Czechy) 16 pkt (8+8)

8. Benedikt Monn (Niemcy) 14 pkt (6+8)

9. Sebastian Reitsma (Holandia) 14 pkt (6+8)

10. Tomi Norola (Finlandia) 10 pkt (4+6)

11. Marc Geyer (Niemcy) 10 pkt (4+6)

12. Jo Saetre (Norwegia) 10 pkt (5+5)

13.  Jimmy Hornell (Szwecja) 10 pkt (7+3)

14. Niek Schaap (Holandia) 7 pkt (5+2)

15. Dennis Andersson (Szwecja) 4 pkt (4+0)

16. Andrej Divis (Czechy) 2 (ns+2)

17. Markus Jell (Niemcy) 1 (ns+1)

18. Michał Knapp (Polska) 1 (1+0)


The partner of the event is Podkarpackie