Franky Zorn closest to the title after day one. A gigantic dose of emotions in Sanok!

The first final of the European Individual Championships in ice speedway is behind us. There was no shortage of emotions on the “Błonie” ice track in Sanok, and Franz Zorn, the winner of all points, turned out to be unrivaled. Luca Bauer (2nd place) and Jimmy Olsen (3rd place) completed the podium on the first day of competition.


This day definitely belonged to the Austrian, who knows the Sanok track like the back of his hand. It is here that in 2008 he became the Individual European Speedway Champion on ice and after the first day of competition he is the main contender for the title. Zorn did not give up a single point to his opponents, noting them on his account 18. Apart from him, Luca Bauer was the best on the track, as the second he won a direct promotion to the final race.

Competitors from places 3-6 after the main round (Jimmy Olsen, Jan Klatovsky, Lukas Hutla and Harald Simon) competed in the play-off, after which Olsen and Klatovsky joined Zorn and Bauer waiting in the final. During this edition of the competition, emotions reached the zenith. Olsen broke into first place from fourth position. In turn, Klatovsky fought with Hutla until the last moment, winning literally by millimeters.

The final race was repeated. During the first set, Klatovsky fell on the track and was automatically excluded from the replay. There, the fastest was Zorn, who successfully repulsed Bauer’s attacks. Olsen arrived third. The second final awaits us on Sunday.




1. Franz Zorn (Austria) – 18 (3,3,3,3,3,3) – 1st place in the final
2. Luca Bauer (Niemcy, lic. włoska) – 15 (3,3,3,1,3,2) – 2nd place in the finał
3. Jimmy Olsen (Szwecja) – 12 (2,1,2,3,3,1) – 1st. place in play-off – 3th. place in the final
4. Jan Klatovsky (Czechy) – 8 (w,2,3,3,w,w) – 2nd place in play-off – fall in the final
5. Lukas Hutla (Czechy) – 10 (3,2,1,3,1) – 3th place in play-off
6. Harald Simon (Austria) – 12 (3,3,2,2,2) – 4th place in play-off
7. Max Koivula (Finlandia) – 8 (2,1,3,1,1)
8. Jimmy Hornell (Szwecja) – 7 (w,3,0,2,2)
9. Benedikt Monn (Niemcy) – 6 (w,2,1,0,3)
10. Sebastian Reitsma (Holandia) – 6 (1,1,2,0,2)
11. Jo Saetre (Norwegia) – 5 (2,1,0,2,0)
12. Niek Schaap (Holandia) – 5 (1,0,1,1,2)
13. Dennis Andersson (Szwecja) – 4 (w,2,2,w,w)
14. Tomi Norola (Finlandia) – 4 (1,0,1,2,0)
15. Marc Geyer (Niemcy) – 4 (2,0,w,1,1)
16. Michał Knapp (Polska) – 1 (1,w,0,w,0)
17. Andrej Divis (Czechy) – NS
18. Markus Jell (Niemcy) – NS

Race after race:
1. Bauer, Koivula, Knapp, Monn (w)
2. Hutla, Olsen, Reitsma, Andersson (w)
3. Zorn, Saetre, Norola, Klatovsky (w)
4. Simon, Geyer, Schaap, Hornell (w)
5. Zorn, Hutla, Koivula, Schaap
6. Hornell, Andersson, Saetre, Knapp (w)
7. Simon, Monn, Reitsma, Norola
8. Bauer, Klatovsky, Olsen, Geyer
9. Koivula, Andersson, Norola, Geyer (w)
10. Klatovsky, Simon, Hutla, Knapp
11. Zorn, Olsen, Monn, Hornell
12. Bauer, Reitsma, Schaap, Saetre
13. Klatovsky, Hornell, Koivula, Reitsma
14. Olsen, Norola, Schaap, Knapp (w)
15. Hutla, Saetre, Geyer, Monn
16. Zorn, Simon, Bauer, Andersson (w)
17. Olsen, Simon, Koivula, Saetre
18. Zorn, Reitsma, Geyer, Knapp
19. Monn, Schaap, Klatovsky (w), Andersson (w)
20. Bauer, Hutla, Hornell, Norola

21. Olsen, Klatovsky, Hutla, Simon

22. Zorn, Bauer, Olsen, Klatovsky (w)


The partner of the event is Podkarpackie