Arena Lodowa Tomaszów Mazowiecki is the first roofed facility in Poland that has an ice track and is adapted to organize sports competitions of various rank. Every day, it is primarily used for speed skating and short-track. Speedway riders will visit there for the first time.

The building has a cubature of 292,000 m³. In this space there is a full-size, 400-meter track with a width of 12 meters. The hall has four ice freezing zones, a modern sound and lighting system meeting the HD transmission standard.

Numbers of Arena Lodowa Tomaszów Mazowiecki

2000 lx is the power of lighting, only in LED technology

1.5 seconds – is the sound shift between the extreme points of the object. Thanks to the sound support system, all event participants hear the sound in real time

292,000 cubic meters has a cubature of the object

1.7 hectares is a plot of Ice Arena Tomaszów Mazowiecki

850 tons is the weight of the steel roof structure