Michal Knapp will start in white and red colours in Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Polish federation (PZM) has nominated Michał Knapp (Żuraw Gdansk) to take part in the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship. The competition is planned on December 13 at 4.30 PM in Arena Lodowa in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The main sponsor of the event is PKN Orlen and the honorary patronage over the event was assumed by MEP Ryszard Czarnecki.

Michał Knapp (right) and the chairman of GKSŻ Piotr Szymański.

Polish federation is entitled to one place in the rate of participants. Knapp was called up again, as was the case with the original date of the event in March, when the competition was cancelled due to a start of  pandemic in Poland.

– I am very grateful for your trust in me and of course I will try to present my best side – said the rider from Radzyń Chełmiński, who is the nephew of Grzegorz Knapp.

Michał’s uncle (died in 2014) was the best Polish ice speedway competitor in the history. They both represented Poland, together with Mirosław Daniszewski, during the final of the World Team Championship in Togliatti in 2014. The Polish team took 7th place then.

Michał had a long break in starts. However, he decided to take up the challenge as soon as he found out that European Individual Ice Speedway Championship will be organized in Poland.

– Riding a motorcycle is like riding a bicycle. This can not be forgotten. It is known that the favorites of the competition will be the Russians who have dominated our sport for years. But in Tomaszów Mazowiecki there is a quite specific track with long straight and narrow curves. This will allow you to go on the track at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour, although you will have to close the throttle quickly to fit in the bends. This may bring some surprises – said the 29-year-old Knapp, who currently spends most of his time preparing the equipment.

– There is something to do every day, we also complete parts. Any help in this regard is really appreciated. The preparation of motorcycles is coordinated by my brother Arek. He is the best mechanic in Poland when it comes to ice speedway equipment. I am convinced that his commitment and knowledge will bring the right results. I can’t wait to start in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Keep your fingers crossed for me – emphasized Michał Knapp, who represents Żuraw Gdansk.