Klatovsky and Hutla in Czech team

We know next two participants of the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship, which take a place on March 21st at 5PM in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. In the Arena Lodowa we will see, among others, two guys from Czech Republic – Jan Klatovsky and Lukas Hutla.

The first of them, less than 38-year-old rider, was the only one who already had the opportunity to test the surface in the Arena Lodowa. Jan took part in training in this modern facility and – as he admits – he can’t wait for the March competition.

fot. Jarek Pabijan

– I had the opportunity to test the ice track in Tomaszów. I must admit that both the object itself and the condition of the ice made a very positive impression on me. It was great – says the Czech rider. – I believe that the competition in Tomaszów will prove to be the best in the whole season! The facility certainly favors it – added Klatovsky, from a slag family. His father – Antonin senior is a legend of the Czech ice speedway, his older brother Antonin junior was even more successful. Jano, in turn, is currently the best rider in Czech Republic now.

Lukas Hutla will be the next Czech representative during the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship. This 31-year-old athlete was not lucky in qualifying the Individual World Speedway Championships on Ice 2020. He fought for the promotion in the extra race, losing to the Swede Martin Haarahiltunen, whom we will also see in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

fot. Jarek Pabijan

The Czech counted on a “wild card” in the Ice Speedway Gladiators series, but ultimately he did not get it and it only plays the role of the first reserve. However, he competed in rounds on the tracks in Almaty and Togliatti. He has a lot to prove in the European Championships and he will definitely show his best side!

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