We will start at 5 PM!

We can already announce the start time of the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship (Saturday, March 21st, 2020, in the Arena Lodowa in Tomaszów Mazowiecki). The start is scheduled for 17.00. Start to the first race a quarter of an hour later. After the official presentation.

The event in Tomaszów Mazowiecki will be one day long. A total of 22 races will select the three medalists of the Old Continent Championship. After the main phase (20 races), the two best riders, those with the most amount of points, will advance to the grand finale. The stake will be completed by the best two from the play-off race. There will go those ice speedway riders, who will rank 3-6 after the main phase. The winner of the final race will become European champion. On the other hand, riders from two subsequent places will win silver and bronze, respectively.

For now, we know the names of the four participants in the March competition. Here they are: Philip Lageder (Switzerland), Stefan Pletschacher and Max Niedermaier (both Germany) and Michał Knapp (Poland). In February we should meet more ice speedway riders who will go to Tomaszów Mazowiecki. We are waiting for the official nominations of the federations of Austria (two places), Czech Republic (two places), Finland (one place), Netherlands (two places), Russia (two places), Sweden (two places) and Italy (one place).

We inform fans about the constant sale of tickets online at the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship. Entries, of which only a few hundred are left, can be purchased on the websites: http://bilety.speedwayevents.pl or iseuro.com/bilety.

Ticket price list:

300 PLN – VIP ticket (seat number on the VIP stand in the best part of the venue, competition program, high-class catering, set of gifts, entry to the machine park before and after the tournament, parking place).

99 PLN – normal ticket – sector A

PLN 85 – reduced ticket * – sector A

79 PLN – normal ticket – sector B

PLN 65 – reduced ticket – sector B

* – A reduced ticket is available to persons up to 18 years of age (upon presentation of a valid school ID) and pensioners (upon presentation of a valid ID)