Stefan Pletschacher and Max Niedermaier will represent Germany

We have two more names on the list of participants of the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship in the Arena Lodowa in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The German Motorcycle Federation (DMSB) has designated Stefan Pletschacher and Max Niedermaier for the start.

Stefan Pletschacher

Very experienced on ice tracks, Pletschacher is a nearly 42-year-old rider who started his motorcycle racing career with motocross. As a teenager, he reached the title of vice-champion of Upper Bavaria, but quickly ended his career in this sport. The reason was a knee injury, which he suffered as a result of a serious fall at the age of 15.

When health improved, he was persuaded to perform in several speedway competitions. Finally, this 190 cm tall athlete tried his hand at Ice Speedway. Racing on the mirror surface of ice turned out to be a hit for him.

He made his debut in 1996 in Berlin. Since then, he does not part with discipline, although he runs a construction company on a daily basis, which is his constant source of income. Speedway on ice is primarily a passion for Pletschacher. However, this does not prevent him from winning the title of German Champion!

Max Niedermaier

Maximilian Niedermaier will be the second German player we will see in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. He inherited his talent for ice racing from his father (senior in the house had the same name). This 32-year-old rider settled near Munich. There he works as a farmer, which he values ​​very much.

However, Max loved even more the icy variety of slag. Not only because of reaching huge speeds. He also loves this sport because it requires a lot of talent for improvisation.

– Motorcycle parts cannot be purchased at the store on every corner. Often you have to build them yourself, which also gives me great satisfaction – says Niedermaier. – Racing on a motorcycle on ice can only be compared to parachuting. You get the same level of adrenaline – says Max, just like Stefan, the multiple German Champion in Ice Speedway. He reached for this title for the last time in 2018.

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