Philip Lageder will ride in Tomaszów Mazowiecki under the flag of Switzerland

We have found out the name of the second participant of the European Individual Ice Speedway Championship, after the Pole, Michał Knapp. The competition will take place on March 21, 2020 at the Arena Lodowa in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Philip Lageder will take part in this event as a representative of Switzerland.

This almost 33-year-old rider has Austrian citizenship. He was born and lives in this country every day, however during this season Lageder will compete with a Swiss license. Thereby his application to the Tomaszów competition has been sent by Federation Motocycliste Suisse. They were entitled to one place on the start list.

– I started my adventure with ice speedway relatively recently. However, I have participated in the German Championships in Berlin, the Roelof Thijs Cup in the Netherlands or at home on the track in Weissenbach. This year I tried my skills in the individual world championships. However, I was out of competition in the qualifying round at Ornskoldsvik – said Lageder.

Starting in ice speedway competitions was a dream for this rider. It came true and he can realize himself in his passion.

– I work professionally every day. Only after working hours I have time to train and do some things with the engine and other parts of the bike. I’ve always dreamed about starting in this sport. My father, who competed in sidecars, instilled my passion for motorcycles. I tried some motocross riding and I am happy to do it today. However I didn’t have to deal with other variations of speedway – admitted Lageder. He will start in Poland for the first time in his life. – I am very excited about the performance at the event as an European Individual Ice Speedway Championship. I hope that I will show my best side. And I will be happy to remember riding in the Arena Lodowa in Tomaszów Mazowiecki – the representative of Switzerland concluded.