A bit of history

Motorbike ice races as a variation of speedway was created in the 1920s. The homeland of this sport is usually taken to be Scandinavian countries or the former Soviet Union, where official competitions were held before the war.

In Poland, ice competitions took place in the 1960s, mainly in Bydgoszcz. Later, however, there was a long break. In 1995, a Grand Prix round was organized in Warsaw’s Stegny. Then the role of the capital of our country when it comes to the ice version of speedway was held by Sanok. There, among others, the Individual European Championships were organized in 2008. It was then, the only time in the history of this event, that a rider from outside Russia stood on the highest podium. The gold medal was won by the Austrian Franz Zorn. Ice speedway competitions in Poland also took place in the 21st century in Gniezno. Now Tomaszów Mazowiecki will debut on the map.